Sunday, May 21, 2006

Suddenly, the sunrise is a shade paler, its subdued performance unexplainable.
Whose fault is it they proclaim, for never has its auburn ever been grayed.
Eternal decrees were never meant to be broken, one who steals their light will have to pay.
"Toss away your fears", I explain, for I know the reason, tis a greater glow,
and unlike your fickle sun, it never sets, her smile will erase all darkness you ever knew.

Monday, April 18, 2005

A reassuring aquamarine reflected a soothing tangerine. We sat there uneasily for we knew the answer but not the question. There was no going back now. Her head on my shoulder, my heart in her balmy hair. The sun slowly set but her eyes still shimmered daylight. Frothy waves carrying hope crawled underneath, but before we could surrender they did recede. Her skirt whisked my face, yes, she had risen, and when I raised my arms, I felt hers' slip. A salty drop slithered unobtrusively into the ocean; its path down the sandy beach scarred my face forever. The shadows of doubt smothered the embers of courage, they sealed both ends of the tunnel and let my pride suffocate. When her silhouette raced towards the west, I tried…. my legs outran my breath, her destiny overwhelmed my faith. But, she did turn my lord and she did pause. Her crimson lips parted and I had my tongue in her mouth only to find it severed and buried in sands of remorse. I heard the tics but did not infer the time. Two whirlpools sucked us into our fate, one into the ocean and the other into grief. With one last stroke she splashed the canvas all black. She did dot the stars but did not paint the moon. I'm aware and awake….just not alive.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The tiger lay beaten and bruised ..spit on ....muddy footprints smothering the flames. Yes, they had joined forces for the final onslaught, the Gods and the mortals. Slingshots punctured its forehead, a deluge charred the embers and the storm mercilessly carried the ashes away. Then they celebrated, white doves fleeting over green grass, clowns clamoring for the green jacket and pundits acknowledging their predictions. With the beast buried, one of them could be the king. However, the coronation would have to wait until the next day. Sunset. The death of their worst nightmare was clearly visible through their transparent eagerness to dream. Pillows below, smugness above, eyelids shut synchronically.

Did he hear it right ?... tweaking twigs, gnashing greens , did he see it right ?...pugmarks on fairways, smoldering cinder. But then, it really did not matter because it had seen him. Streaks of auburn, a color they thought they had annihilated from the spectrum, fissured the midnight sky. Yes, it was alive and hunting. It did not bother roaring and he did not bother ringing the warning bell. He knew sound could never outrun such silent ferocity. With every step it took, it spewed molten flame incinerating the flagged summits. Down it brought its iron paw, and with one blow warped all mockery into the darkest of holes, the eighteenth one. The tiger roams again.